Bumbershoot 2014

Bumbershoot was so great this year!  I went all 3 days and shot over 6,000 images which have taken me over a month to edit.  See a selection from the overall scene below and click this link for the entire gallery.  Also please see my Bumbershoot 2014 live music post as well.

I went light this time and just used my two Nikon 1 V1 cameras equipped with the 10mm and 30-100mm lenses.  The V1 is quirky but a great camera for fast shooting.  Here is a review by Craig Litten if you want to learn more.

Interactive psychedelic art –

Three images taken 1/10th of a second apart show the crazy light show at an EDM show –

Many great fountain shots this year –

Revelers at the G-Eazy show –

Yum? –

Bumbershoots –

All torn up, she wiped out in the fountain –

Amazing LED hula hooper –

Hula hoop performer at night, Bumbershoot 2014 in Seattle

The ParentMap bear in infrared black and white –

Another spooky infrared long exposure shot –

Masses of Wu Tang Clan fans at night –


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