Bumbershoot 2013 – Post #2

So many bands, so little time…. I can’t imagine shooting all of the bands that play Bumbershoot every year, I don’t think I have that level of endurance.  But I always pick a few faves and shoot away.  Typically we get to shoot for the first 3 songs only, so there is much jostling around in the photo pit to get the right angles as the performer moves around the stage.  Anyway, here are a few from the 2103 lineup.

First up, the amazing Soul singer from Chewela, WAAllen Stone. (Full Allen Stone Gallery)

Allen Stone performs at Bumbershoot 2013 in Seattle, WA USA

Zoe Jakes of Beats Antique wows the crowd, they were amazing! (Full Beats Antique Gallery)

Beats Antique performs at Bumbershoot 2013 in Seattle, WA USA

Seattle hip hop artist Sol was a smash hit but the real hit came when I barely escaped serious neck/head trauma when I was clocked by a flying stuffed horse (a hobby horse, not a stuffed animal) during the show!  (Full Sol Gallery)

Rapper Sol performs at Bumbershoot in Seattle

On Saturday I was walking near the Plaza Stage when I heard an amazing singer so I ran over to get some shots of a band I hadn’t heard of – Gus + Scout.  I was a little late but was able to get a few shots at the beginning of the 4th song (thanks to the nice security guy).  I kept thinking the singer looked familiar but I only discovered later that she was Scout Willis!  (Full Gus + Scout Gallery)

Scout Willis sings with Gus + Scout at Bumbershoot in Seattle

The band Deerhunter was fantastic and the visuals were stunning.  (Full Deerhunter Gallery)

Bradford Cox of Deerhunter singing at Bumbershoot in Seattle, WA

And last comes Kithkin – they were really great but just a little scary…. (Full Kithkin Gallery)

The singer from Kithkin at Bumbershoot 2013


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