DB/CB Jewelry by Debra Baxter

Crystal Bomb Jewelry photo by Will Austin

A quick word of support for my great client DB/CB.  Artist extraordinaire Debra Baxter hired me to do some model shots of her unique and highly acclaimed DB/CB jewelry line.  Every piece is unique and they make wonderful gifts.  Please take a minute to go see Deb’s site, it is really beautiful.  She combined my shots with matching landscape photos by her dad, David Baxter (see below).

Link to DB/CB website

Crystal Bomb Jewelry photos by Will Austin and David Baxter

Deb’s bio – “Debra Baxter/Crystal Bomb (DB/CB) was born out of a passion for rocks and minerals. Debra’s sculptures (http://debrabaxter.com) speak of the body, power plays, and questions of vulnerability. The work and ideas of the work are intertwined with alabaster, crystals and minerals. Debra is a sculptor with an MFA from Bard College. Her work has been shown in New York, Paris and London.”


DB/CB Debra Baxter Crystal Bomb Jewelry, model photo by Will Austin Photography

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