Europe Print Galleries

This is the 2012 Europe print preview link page.  Each of these links will open in a new window and you can return here by clicking the “Europe Print Galleries Home” link in the nav bar at the upper right of the individual gallery pages.  Please return to this page as I add galleries, many more to come!

Paris!  So many takes on Paris here, many unusual and unique.  Some classic views in black and white and some abstractions.

Pompidou Center in Paris


Père Lachaise Cemetery.   A really beautiful and spooky cemetery with many famous inhabitants.  All of these are shot in black and white infrared and include images of the tombs of Edith Piaf and Oscar Wilde.

Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris France


Eiffel Tower.  Some unique views of the structure and from the inside.

Interior view of the Eiffel Tower


Museum of Comparative Anatomy.  This museum was a trip highlight for Zane and I, a remarkable collection with almost every skeleton displayed, from hummingbirds to whales to dinosaurs.

Museum of comparative anatomy in Paris


Barcelona!  Including many images of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and the Gràcia Festival.

Balloons at the Gracia Festival in Barcelona, Spain


A small gallery of Black and White images shot on Tri-X film.

Black and white photo of a lion statue in Paris, France


Bilbao Spain.  Our stop in Bilbao was short but amazing.  I spent a lot of time shooting the fabulous Bilbao Guggenheim, an incredible work of modern architecture designed by Frank Gehry.  There are many shots of the titanium clad exterior as well as a black and white study of the interior ceiling shapes.  On the last night I was exhausted but I climbed a big hill to a carnival with an amazing Ferris Wheel illuminated by LED lights.  It was late at night, I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t speak the local language but looming above me in the darkness, surrounded by thousands of locals, was the most amazingly colorful subject I had ever photographed!  A lot of people stared at me as I set up my tripod but no one bothered me.  Eventually the lights all turned off and I left, only to see an amazing fireworks show right above my head!  It was so intense being that close to the launch site.  So out came the camera again.  You will see that I had fun with some of these, combining and recombining the fireworks and wheel photos to make new pieces.

Detail photo of the Guggenheim building in Bilbao, Spain


Just a few from Madrid, we were only there overnight and I had a horrible tension headache.  The last four were taken in the Madrid Cathedral.

Madrid Cathedral ceiling detail.


Reflections.  This is a series of reflection photos, I am intrigued by the compositional possibilities and layering that reflections allow.

Window reflection iPhone photo in Paris


Barcelona roll-up doors.  Many of the small businesses in Barcelona have roll-up doors and have interesting art, sometimes advertising their wares.  I did a bunch of thee and made one large print in a grid.

Roll-up doors in Barcelona, Spain by Will Austin Photography


And finally… an iPhone only gallery.  Sort of a chronicle of the trip, I think some of the best shots came out of my favorite pocket camera.

Paris burlesque festival poster photo by Will Austin Photography