Los Angeles

A few photos from our short LA visit over the Summer.  Much to our surprise we loved it there!  It was great seeing our friends who work in the film biz and I loved picking fresh oranges, grapefruit and pomegranates in the yard every morning.  One tip- if you tend toward motion sickness don’t get on the Simpson’s ride at Universal Studios, trust me.

Looking north toward Hollywood (see the sign?)-

View of the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles at sunset.

Diver (taken from the bottom of the pool)-

Boy on diving board above pool from underwater

Universal Studios-

Universal Studios fireball on the studio tour

Another tip- buy the disposable raincoat for the Jurassic Park ride!

Wet people on Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, California

LA backyard-

Infrared black and white photo of a backyard pool in Los Angeles

Sunset over Hollywood-

Sunset over Hollywood in Los Angeles, California

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