Microsoft Windows 7 Wallpapers

Microsoft Windows 7 Wallpaper Photos by Will Austin
I am very excited to announce that six of my photos were chosen by the Windows 7 design team to be used as desktop backgrounds. Working with the team at Microsoft was a fantastic experience. From the Windows 7 blog:

“We had the good fortune to work with a talented local photographer named Will Austin, who has photographed all over the world on many subjects with an emphasis on architecture. Will’s photos provide a little bit of the local flavor of the Seattle area that we are proud to call home.”

And a quote from a Channel 10 video interview with Denise Trabona, Senior UX Lead at Microsoft:

“We are featuring the work of a local photographer named Will Austin… one of the reasons for featuring Will is that he actually specializes in architecture and we were finding architecture a little hard to fill out. As it turns out he is all-around a very good photographer so some of his work made it into the other sets as well…. You know what I love about his work in these sets is the light and energy… it is the theme of Windows 7.”

Each of the six images will be offered in a limited, numbered print edition. Please contact me if you are interested.

For the full background story, read my interview with 7tutorials blog.