Picuris Pueblo, New Mexico 87553

A highlight of my trip was visiting the Picuris Pueblo and photographing the beautiful San Lorenzo de Picurís mission which has undergone an 8-year restoration.  Just as I arrived a huge thunder storm approached and I raced to take photos.  Luckily the sun poked through tiny cracks in the tumbling clouds a few times and I got some shots.  In the end I was chased away by a fierce lightning-laced hail storm but I knew the day’s clouds were a great gift from the weather Gods sent to add drama to my images.  Many thanks to the people of the Picuris Pueblo.

2 Responses to “Picuris Pueblo, New Mexico 87553”

  1. John Keesing says:

    Great photos… My wife is Picuris!

  2. Will says:

    Hey thanks for the comment John! Cool about your wife. I loved it there, hope to go back someday.