Rockets’ Red Glare

Happy Birthday USA!

Tug of War

This is the same exact bike I had when I was a kid!

Put your back into it stripes!

2 Responses to “Rockets’ Red Glare”

  1. Scott says:

    Re: bike from childhood. I think a horse broke my leg while I was riding a bike just like that (long story). Mine was yellow though. I remember playing cards in the spokes and a light that ran from a wheel running against the tire and it made the bike about twice as hard to peddle when engaged. Ahh, fun times.

  2. admin says:

    Horse/bike accident, sounds horribly scary! Cards in the spokes, banana seat down low, transistor radio swinging from the handlebars, Bellevue, WA 1976! Great to see you at the picnic Scott, thanks for the comment!