Sonoma, CA 95476

Only there for 20 hours, oh how I miss you Sonoma!

These black and whites were taken at Jack London Park.

4 Responses to “Sonoma, CA 95476”

  1. Jay Beach says:

    Gorgeous, Will! Do you shoot the originals in B&W, or convert to B&W after the fact? The last one looks infrared. Very cool.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Jay. The last 4 were all shot with a digital infrared camera, I love it! More to follow….

  3. Scott Moffat says:


    Fantastic IR shots! The IR camera you’re using, is it an older DSLR with a Wratten filter, or a something with a dedicated CCD for IR range?

    Thanks =)

  4. Will says:

    Hi Scott,

    These were shot on a converted Canon Powershot A640. I really like the camera, it has many pro features, great image quality and a swiveling LCD. I think it cost about $150 to convert. It is the standard IR filter. I do a custom white balance in the camera and the files look pretty good, but it helps to process them some more to bring out the highlights and details. Most software will work but I really like Silver efex pro.

    Thanks for asking!